12 (twelve) is a positive integer following 11 and preceding 13. Its ordinal form is written "12th" or "twelfth".

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12 is an even composite number.

12 is the first abundant number.

A set of 12 objects is often called a dozen. That type of set gets its own name because many things are grouped in twelve: for example, twelve months in a year, twelve inches in a foot, twelve eggs in a typical container, etc.

There are 12 size-3 Latin squares.

In googology Edit

In Greek-based number-naming systems, 12 is associated with prefix "dodeka-", and with prefix "duodeci-" in Latin systems.


In the Czech and Slovak languages, 12 is called tucet.

Aarex Tiaokhiao calls this number duodecimal-uoonol.[1]

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