48 (forty-eight) is a positive integer following 47 and preceding 49. Its ordinal form is written "forty-eighth" or 48th.

Properties Edit

48 is an even composite number.

48 is a solitary number.

48 is equal to 6!!, the double factorial of 6.

Ignoring weekdays, the Julian calendar repeats every 48 months.

In chess Edit

It is also the number of possible knight moves in 4×4 minichess.

In googology Edit


In Greek-based number-naming systems, 48 is associated with prefix "octotetraconta-", and with prefix "octoquadraginti-" in Latin systems.

It is also the basis of PlantStarAlpineer0's notation. Because of this, PlantStar has coined the name Lineus for this number.[1]

Sources Edit

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