Aarex Legion Exploding Array Function is an extension of BEAF devised by Aarex Tiaokhiao.[1]

Legions arrayEdit

Same at BEAF. See BEAF#Legions.

Hyperlegions arrayEdit

This hyperlegions array is extended Legions Array.

For example, {L22,10}10,10 or {{L,2},10}10,10 is {L2,10}10,10 and {L32,10}10,10 or {{L,2,2},10}10,10 is {2L,10}10,10.

Megions arrayEdit

This megions array is extended Hyperlegions Array.

For example, {L,10}[2]10,10 is {{L,10,{L,10}10,10},10}10,10.

{L,10}[n]10,10 = {{L,10,{L,10}[n-1]10,10}}10,10.

Sources Edit

  1. ALEAF

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