An Arabian number is a number with exactly 1,001 digits, from the name of the story 1001 Arabian Nights. The term was coined by Andre Joyce.[1] The smallest Arabian number is 101,000, known as a great googol by Andre Joyce and a googolchime by Sbiis Saibian.

There are ten powers of single-digit numbers which are also Arabian numbers (namely, 23,322, 23,323, 23,324, 23,325, 32,096, 32,097, 51,431, 51,432, 61,286 and 71,184).

There are three f2(n) numbers which are also Arabian numbers (namely, f2(3,311), f2(3,312) and f2(3,313)).

Finally, 450!, 808!!, 1,142!!! and 1,463!!!! are also Arabian numbers.

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