• Meowzz


    March 22, 2018 by Meowzz

    Hi, I know you don't know me & I don't know you. I'm new here, so I don't really know anyone. 

    I went to school & was double majoring in math & philosophy. I dropp'd out my 1st year. 

    When I was 18, after graduating high school, but before starting college, I got into an infinite recursive loop in my head wondering what infinity raised to the infinith power would be. I talked w/ a friend of mine who was going to MIT & he asked me if I meant Taylor Series. At that point in time, my math level was AP calculus & I did NOT know about what he was talking about.

    Fast forward to ~5 years ago when I start'd geting interest'd in Tree(3). Since then I have learned about tetration (infinite tetration would have blown my 18 year old mind), Ordinals, Card…

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  • Meowzz

    It has been shown TREE(3) < SCG(3).

    Is TREE(4) < SCG(3) ?

    If so, which TREE > SCG(3)?


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  • Meowzz

    Objectiveto perpetually find better and better ways to "name" larger and larger numbers.

    Treenomial Notation aka Tree-Name Notation (#WIP)

    Looking for any input on notation for my Forrest Functions. 

    Bird's Array Notation has been suggested in a previous post (

    Greek symbols are obviously popular in maths as well.

    Thanks for feedback (:

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  • Meowzz

    If Googology is "the practice/craft of generating, comparing, and naming large numbers and the study and theory of how to do so" what is "s the practice/craft of generating, comparing, and naming small numbers and the study and theory of how to do so" ?

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  • Meowzz

    Use a FGH() as the function & ordinal|cardinal numbers as inputs; diagonalize over the output.

    ie f1=addition,  f2=multiplication,  f3=exponation,  f4=tetration etc

    such that

    f1(1)= ω+ω,   f2(1)= ω*ω,  f3(1)=ω^ω,  f4(1) = ω power tower etc

    Is this computable? What is the limit? The summation?

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  • Meowzz

    Surreal Numbers

    March 19, 2018 by Meowzz

    Super interested in the construction method ( & modifying it ).

    Any others?


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  • Meowzz

    Counting to Zero by 0

    March 19, 2018 by Meowzz

    A book (in progress) about how Zip & Zilch make Zero

    A Case Of Mistaken Identities

    "It depends upon what the meaning of the word equals equals" -Bill Clinton?

    Equality & Equivalence (Absolutes & Relatives)

    Itô's Dilemma

    Stochastic Series (Random Walks in Random Fields)

    Euler's Day Off

    Triangles & Trees (Euler's Line & Tree Functions)

    Waiting For Godel

    Incompleteness & Halting (Turing Machines & Busy Beavers)

    Cantor Won't? 

    Infinite Recursion (Ordinals & Cardinals)

    The Poincaré Plot Thickens..

    Recurrence relations (Difference Equations & Irrational Numbers)

    Descartes Before the Horse

    Order of operations (Surreals: Imaginary & Otherwise)

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  • Meowzz

    Thinking about Rose Forrests..

    Need to "cleary define" forrest functions soon.

    cloud() {












    My initial thoughts were as follows: 

    Forrest functions could be used to count trees.

    Forrest number 0 could be equivilant to ω [ Tree(1) + Tree(2) + Tree(3) ... Tree(n) ]

    If forrest numbers were equivilant to ordinals, cloud numbers would be equivilant to cardinals.

    Another thought was that the busy beavers could be in charge of forrest_tree!

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  • Meowzz


    March 18, 2018 by Meowzz

    Consider Cloud(s) from which you can count Forrest(s)! which contain Tree(s), Fish(s), BusyBeaver(s) & Sasquatch(s).

    From Cloud(99), you would be able to count Forrest(99)! which contains Tree(99), Fish(99), BusyBeaver(99) & Sasquatch(99).


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  • Angrybirdstd


    February 2, 2018 by Angrybirdstd

    Crispin by ABTD is a huge number.

    (powten(((((((((1e30)*90)^70^70)/0.00005)x1 Yoctillion)x 1 googolduplex)x 1 vigintilliusmilliplex)/ googolminex)x6)x(powten 80.5)))

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