Chris Bird’s Super Huge Numbers is a collection of googology papers by Chris Bird, mostly centered on his array notation based on the work of Jonathan Bowers. Robert Munafo hosts them on his site.

Below is a list of the papers.

  1. Proof that Bird's Linear Array Notation with 5 or more entries goes beyond Conway's Chained Arrow Notation
  2. Linear Array Notation
  3. Multi-Dimensional Array Notation
  4. Hyper-Dimensional Array Notation
  5. Nested Array Notation
  6. Beyond Nested Arrays I
  7. Beyond Nested Arrays II
  8. Beyond Nested Arrays III
  9. Beyond Nested Arrays IV
  10. Beyond Nested Arrays V
  11. The Fast-Growing Hierarchy in Terms of Bird's Array Notations
  12. Bowers' Named Numbers

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