A screenshot from the game.

Cookie Clicker is a browser video game by French developer "Orteil" (real name Julien Thiennot).[1] In Cookie Clicker, the player uses cookies to purchase items that generate more cookies, gradually amassing a large number of cookies. It was made publicly available in August 2013, quickly gaining a cult following and becoming a defining example of the genre of "incremental games."

Internally, the number of cookies is stored in the JavaScript Number format, with an absolute value limited by \(2^{1,024}\) \(\approx 10^{308}\).[2] In practice, players have reported reaching scores of up to \(10^{30}\) in reasonable amounts of time. A number of googologists have discussed the relationships between Cookie Clicker and googological notations, including Aarex Tiaokhiao, Sbiis Saibian, and Cookie Fonster (who cites the game as the reason he discovered the field[3]).

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