Because there are only a finite number of nominal FM radio frequencies, all of which are rational multiples of a hertz, there is a least common multiple of them. Ignoring uncommon variants (50 kHz offsets, nominal band edges as carrier frequencies, out-of-band stations, TV sound carriers, Japanese FM band, OIRT band, etc.), there are 204 nominal FM radio frequencies (n·0.1 MHz, where 876<=n<=1079). The least common multiple of these 204 frequencies is 21593624345786017890041661470054068806455523463446185303547546277859279163368534590174114598623321344050854599672102047523062190331936987938057733008626454518826408666272895997336808774015733818746623813941574148730493056131775990270069952407803399171046439365759758906366502400000000 hertz, which is far beyond the Planck frequency.

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