The golapulusplux is equal to X{10,100,3},golapulusX in Bowers' old exploded array notation.[1] Bowers' old notation starts like his current notation (BEAF) but with {a,b} = a+b instead of ab. It remains pretty much like his new notation until what is now known as a legion. Then it defines XA,nX = A&a&a&...&a&a with n-1 a's - A can be a number or a sub-exploded array, a is A if A is a number or A's first entry if A is an array.

Further arrays Edit

Then he rather unclearly defines XA,BX where B can be an array, and then goes to define multi-entry exploded arrays (the arrays in X...X instead of {...}). Then he defines a 3rd level where {...} is the first and X...X is the second, and then the 4th and so on.

But then he defines #...# arrays where #A,n# = [nth level]A[nth level]. He then goes to rather vaguely define "Xth level #...#'s". This probably either means:

  • #...# is the start of a second row, and it continues like {...}, X...X, .... Xth level #...# is the Xth type of bracket in the second row.
  • Same, but Xth level #...# refers to the first bracket in the Xth row (how those are defined is rather obvious).

References Edit


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