A googolbangplexstack is equal to \(10\uparrow\uparrow\text{googolbangplex}\) or \(10\uparrow\uparrow(10^{(\text{googol})!})\) = \(10\uparrow\uparrow(10^{(10^{100})!})\).[1]

Etymology Edit

The name of this number can be separated into 4 parts, "googol", "-bang", "-plex" and "-stack", where suffix "-bang" means factorial operation, "n-plex" means 10n, and "n-stack" means \(10\uparrow\uparrow n\). To get the name, the "-bang" first applies on the "googol", then the "-plex" applies on the "googolbang", finally the "-stack" applies on the "googolbangplex".

Sources Edit

  1. Googol - Cantor's Attic

See also Edit

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