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In addition to this English Googology Wiki, there are several "sister wikia" in other languages. Interlanguage links are available among pages in those wikia.

Language Wikia name Prefix Founded By Oldest/newest
article count
English Googology Wiki en: 2008/12/05 Vel! old / new Statistics
German Googologie Wiki de: 2012/03/09 IvanP old / new Statistik
Dutch Grote getallen wiki nl: 2013/06/15 Wythagoras old / new Statistieken
Japanese 巨大数研究 Wiki ja: 2013/12/05 Limitofempty old / new 統計
French Wiki French Googology fr: 2013/12/12 Googleaarex old / new Statistiques
Chinese 大數學 維基 zh: 2015/02/25 Khankao1 old / new Statistics
Russian Гугология Вики ru: 2015/12/16 Даниил Меркулов old / new Статистика

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