FANDOM and[1] are two jocular web sites that list "all" the digits of googolplex and googolplexian (standard name googolduplex). They appear to be affiliated with, as evidenced by a whois search.

Of course, the decimal expansions of the numbers are so large that there would not be enough space in the known universe to contain them. In fact, both sites, after a long sequence of zeroes, print a small "etc." at the end. Even worse, contains a hidden 8, and contains a hidden 6.

In particular, contains 15,972 zeroes (counding the hidden 6 as a zero).

The two sites erroneously claim that googolplexian is "the world's largest number with a name" and that googolplex comes in second place. Googologists have devised much larger named numbers; the current largest is Sasquatch.

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