Hnneananoni- is a subprefix which multiplies all prefixes before it by octononagintillion.[1] The term was coined by Aarex Tiaokhiao.

Sources Edit

  1. Aarex Tiaokhiao's large numbers site

See also Edit

hilati- hiati- hriati- hetrati- hentati- hexati- heptati- hctati-
hnneati- hanati- hilanati- hianati- hrianati- hetranati- hentanati- hexanati-
heptanati- hctanati- hnneanati- hanabi- hilanabi- hanatri- hanateti- hanapeti-
hanahexi- hanahepi- hanaocti- hananoni- hnneananoni- hanaheci- hilanaheci- hianaheci-
hanatiheci- hanabiheci- hanatriheci- hanatetiheci- hananoniheci- hanahegi- hanatihegi- hanahigi-
hanaheri- hanaheti- hanahcti- hanahetti- hanahotti- hanahoti- hananonihoti- hnneananonihoti-

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