The Knuth Arrow Theorem is a theorem proven by Sbiis Saibian.[1] It states that for any integers a≥2, b≥1, c≥1, x≥2, using up-arrow notation, (a↑xb)↑xc < a↑x(b+c). The theorem is useful for comparing values in up-arrow notation. For example, it can be used to prove that giggol (10↑↑100) is smaller than tritri (3↑↑↑3 = 3↑↑7,625,597,484,987):


< 27↑↑100

= (3↑↑2)↑↑100

< 3↑↑102

<< 3↑↑7,625,597,484,987 = tritri

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References Edit

  1. A Theorem for Knuth Arrows, Sbiis Saibian

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