The latinlatinmyllionalatinmyllionlatinmyllionayllionalatin­myllion­latinlatinmyllionalatinmyllionlatinmyllionayllionayllion is equal to \(f^{f^{10^8}(10^8)}(10^8)\) (where \(f(n)=10,000^{2^{n}}\)),[1] and can be approximated as \(10\uparrow\uparrow10\uparrow\uparrow200,000,001\). The name was defined using Knuth's extension to his -yllion system, using latin[name-of-n-with-spaces-deleted]yllion to indicate the nth -yllion, and [name-of-n-with-spaces-deleted]a to indicate n-fold repetition of “latin” or “yllion”.

Sources Edit

  1. 1.9. Extensions to the -illions III: Knuth's Yllions and More Extensible Systems

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