Meameamealokkapoowa oompa is equal to \(\{\{L100,10\}_{10,10}\text{&}L,10\}_{10,10}\) in BEAF, or a meameamealokkapoowa-sized array of L's.[1] John Spencer first asked for the definition of this number.

For years, it was celebrated as the largest googologism Jonathan Bowers has yet defined. It was superseded by Utter Oblivion in 2016 (although note that due to Utter Oblivion's ill-defined definition there is doubt if it can be considered a true googologism). It is much smaller than Rayo's number, and is also believed to be beaten by Loader's number. The size of this number is controversial, due to not having a proper definition. Some estimates have put it as much larger than \(f_{\psi(\psi_I(0))}(10)\), whilst other analyses put it only slightly larger than the Large Veblen ordinal; less than \(f_{\theta(\Omega^\Omega+\Omega)+1}(10)\).

It is pronounced like this.

Sources Edit

  1. Bowers, JonathanInfinity Scrapers. Retrieved January 2013.

See also Edit

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