The meroogol is equal to (8/45)2*(152,587,890,625,000/7,623)3*128/5445 ~ 5.958672011281*1027, or around 5.96 octillion in the short scale.[1] It is the result of putting "googol" into Andre Joyce's (broken) merology system, a system intended to translate words into numbers such that "zero" becomes 0, "one" becomes 1, etc.[2] The term was coined by Googology Wiki user Cookiefonster.

Its prime factorization is 222 × 3-12 × 554 × 7-3 × 11-8.

Etymology Edit

The number's name comes from "merology" + googol.

References Edit

  1. Pointless Gigantic List of Numbers - Part 2
  2. Merology

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