Minor Faxul (based on Lawrence Hollom's Faxul) is equal to 200!!. (Note that this is MUCH smaller than the nested factorial (200!)!, which Hollom calls Kilofaxul).

It can be equivalently defined as (2100)*100!, using the formula for double factorials.

It has 189 digits, starting with 118305... and ending with 24 consecutive zeroes.

The name was coined by SuperJedi224.

Source: [1]

Notation Approximation
Scientific notation 1.18305*10^{188}
Up-arrow notation 10\uparrow188
Hyper-E notation E188
Hyperfactorial array notation 115!0
Fast-growing hierarchy f_2(615)
Hardy hierarchy H_{\omega^2}(615)
Slow-growing hierarchy g_{\omega^{68}}(595)
Numbers By SuperJedi224

Fibonacci Numbers

Pound-Star Notation

Based on the Faxul

Primofaxul|Minor Faxul

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