The oktakisekatommyrillion is equal to \(10^{3\times 10^{27}}\).[1] It is also called novemnonagintinongentiyocto-novemnonagintinongentizepto-novemnonagintinongentiatto-novemnonagintinongentifemto-novemnonagintinongentipico-novemnonagintinongentinano-novemnonagintinongentimicro-novemnonagintinongentimilli-novemnonagintinongentillion by Sbiis Saibian. [2]

Sources Edit

  1. 2-4-6 : Russ Rowlett's Greek Based -illions
  2. 2-4-7 : Jonathan Bowers' 4 Tiered -illion Series by Sbiis Saibian

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