Pen-exitillion, coined by SuperJedi224, is equal to H(165), where H(n) denotes the nth "-illion" number.

It is equal to 103,145,731, and, as such, it is greater than and comparable to bower's Micrillion.


"Pen" is derived from the prefix "Penta", meaning 5. "Exit" is, in this case, derived from "hexit", or "hexidecimal digit".

Source: [1]

Notation Approximation
Scientific notation 10^{3145731} (exact)
Up-arrow notation 10\uparrow3145731 (exact)
Hyper-E notation E3145731 (exact)
Fast-growing hierarchy f_{2}(f_{2}(22))
Hardy hierarchy H_{\omega^{2}*2}(22)
Slow-growing hierarchy g_{\omega^{\omega^5}}(19)
Numbers By SuperJedi224

Fibonacci Numbers

Pound-Star Notation

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