Sbiis Saibian

An avatar used by Saibian, originally one of the Decimice.

Sbiis Saibian (IPA: /sbiz saɪbjən/, born 1983?[1]) is an American recreational mathematician and "megalo-arithmologist" who is most famous in the googological community for maintaining a web book called One to Infinity: A Guide to the Finite (formerly A Finite Journey). In the book, he introduces and describes various googological notations and invents his own, called the Extensible-E System. The site was first publicly launched on December 9, 2008, four days after Googology Wiki was first created.

Saibian's output is prolific. As of March 2015, he has coined 15,610 number names (excluding beta releases), the most for any single googologist. For comparison, this is over 44 times more than the number of googologisms (or as he calls them, "googolisms") coined by another famous googologist, Jonathan Bowers/Hedrondude.

"Sbiis Saibian" is a pseudonym, which he says was "invented by typing random letters on a keyboard."[2]

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