The tetraplo ekatommyriaplekatomyriakis ekatommyrio is equal to f(g(f(g(f(g(f(6,000,000)))))) = \(10^{3\times10^{6\times10^{3\times10^{6\times10^{3\times10^{6\times10^{3\times10^{6,000,000}+3}}+3}}+3}}+3}\) where f(x) = \(10^{3x+3}\) and g(x) = \(10^{6x}\).[1] It is approximately equal to E6,000,000#8. The name is a transliteration of a Greek name created using Harry Foundalis' naming system.[2]

Sources Edit

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  2. Μεγάλοι Αριθμοί

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