The ultronplex is equal to \(u_{ultron,ultron}\).[1]

  1. Define \(u_{0,1}\) as \(h_{ultron}(10,10,10,10,10,10,10,10,10,10)\), using the hyperlicious function.
  2. Define \(u_{x,1}\) as \(h_{ultron}(\underbrace{10,10,\ldots,10,10}_{u_{x - 1,1}})\).
  3. Define \(u_{0,2}\) as \(\underbrace{u_{u_{u_{\ddots_{ultron,1}},1},1}}_{10 \text{ copies of } u}\).
  4. Define \(u_{x,2}\) as \(\underbrace{u_{u_{u_{\ddots_{ultron,1}},1},1}}_{u_{x - 1,2} \text{ copies of } u}\).
  5. Define \(u_{0,3}\) as \(\underbrace{u_{u_{u_{\ddots_{ultron,2}},2},2}}_{10 \text{ copies of } u}\).
  6. Define \(u_{x,3}\) as \(\underbrace{u_{u_{u_{\ddots_{ultron,2}},2},2}}_{u_{x - 1,3} \text{ copies of } u}\).
  7. Continuing this process, the ultronplex is \(u_{ultron,ultron}\).

The ultronplex is comparable to \(f_{\omega2}(ultron)\)

Sources Edit

  1. Aarex's Large Numbers

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