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\(Jiawheinalt\)\(↻\) Edit

Number 1-10 text with circlesEdit

more on

\(strcat({'\downarrow '}, cellstr(num2str(C)))\)

 KhelpcenterNo delete.

E notation, mEn = m followed by n zeroes.

My quote: "No matter how large the number is, the number is still finite."

Dictionary: nested: Multiple solvings, from in the bracket(s).

Log(x) = 10^n = power.

The BentleyEdit

Bentley's Number Code(original):Edit

$ \sum^{10}_{i = 1}10\uparrow\uparrow i = 10+10^{10}+10^{10^{10}}+10^{10^{10^{10}}}+...+10^{10^{10^{10^{10^{10^{10^{10^{10^{10}}}}}}}}} $

Can be formatted in

Now, Code on the page:Edit

\(\sum^{10}_{i = 1}10\uparrow\uparrow i = 10+10^{10}+10^{10^{10}}+10^{10^{10^{10}}}+...+10^{10^{10^{10^{10^{10^{10^{10^{10^{10}}}}}}}}}\).

Image version Go here.

Bentley&#039;s Number

Bentley's Number image version, the 10 fixed.

Page sources from: The number is \(\sum^{10}_{i = 1}10 = \sum^{10}_{i = 1}10\uparrow\uparrow i = 10+10^{10}+10^{10^{10}}+10^{10^{10^{10}}}+...+10^{10^{10^{10^{10^{10^{10^{10^{10^{10}}}}}}}}}\).

Bentley did not made this number, it just happen that the 10 counters had encountered with him.
And the story could be fiction.


Text arrowsEdit

Though is only right and left. <-- -->   Merged, <----->. My own idea. Math jax text arrow: \( <---          ---> \)


Mathjax requires us to put \( in the start and \) in the end.

\(\leftarrow \uparrow \downarrow \rightarrow\)

Code(u can copy and paste.):

\(\leftarrow \uparrow \downarrow \rightarrow\)


Left: \(\leftarrow\)
Up: \(\uparrow\)
Down: \(\downarrow\)
Right: \(\rightarrow\)

Now, Arrow in LaTeX. Using <math> and </math>, that will be an image instead.

\leftarrow \uparrow \downarrow \rightarrow, Code:

<math>\leftarrow</math> <math>\uparrow</math> <math>\downarrow</math> <math>\rightarrow</math>




A tip about math Jax ([the only related thing to 'Arrows' is  Math jax'.)]Edit

(OTHER MEANING! -> To brackets to this sentence. (([ ]) between! () and {},beetween these 2 is []. So () and [] beetween! () is 1, [] is 2 and {} is 3, so ([]) is 1.5. [] is 2 becos it is beetween() is 1 and {} is 3. ({}) is [] (in other way).)

Do you notice that when you put math jax [and leave one space in between text/(es)?]

When you type

\(Textytext)\ OR \(Texty text\)

The result will be \(Texty text\), no spaces or (got 1 space shown during editing).

But when you type

\(Texty  text\)

The result will be \(Texty   text\), got 1 space because there is 2 space shown during editing.

Typing arrow keysEdit

The arrow keys can be copied from the text: ↑ ↓ → ←, or copying from the math arrows. But now, if you want to type it with keyboard, here are the codes to Alt it. Num!

First, you turn on the Num key.,
Second, hold the Alt key.
Third, (while holding) Press the following (in the num) key:
Alt + 24 = ↑ Alt + 25 = ↓ Alt + 26 = → Alt + 27 = ←.

Hope you like it. See more symbols:

Numbers below thinked by me... No official.Edit


Micrmicryllion, 102micryllion+2

Micryllionplex, 10(2 x micryllion)micryllion...micryllion(+2 x micryllion) (where the underlines has a micryllion micryllions).

Millionplex, 1 followed by a million zeroes.

Mylliard, it just the other name, it is equal to \(10^{16} \).

Meameamealokkapoowa-arrowa series but still no official but not on the first arrowa.Edit

meameamealokkapoowa-arrowa (now, the dash or space or sticked does matter for a reason which i don't know how to explain yet), \(meameamealokkapoowa \uparrow ^{meameamealokkapoowa} meameamealokkapoowa\). Which means there will be a meameamealokkapoowa arrows in the Up arrow notation, which can also explained as the meameamealokkapoowa(ordinal) Ackermann number, and also explained as meameamealokkapoowa meameamealokkapoowaated to meameameaplookpoowa or even {meameamealokkapoowa,meameamealokkapoowa,meameamealokkapoowa} or {{L100,10}10,10,2,1,2} in BEAF.
Also again this number is meameamealokkapoowa expanded 2.

Note, This number became official due to created by me then i ask Aarex Tiaokhiao to coin. And this is the original number in the page, this number is first typed in this page. Prove?
It's page: Meameamealokkapoowa-arrowa


{10,meameamealokkapoowa,meameamealokkapoowa-arrowaplex}. I put the meamealokkapoowa-arrowa as c, because the "arrowa" refers to hyper operator.

(Meameamealokkapoowa-arrowa) oompa, has two meaning,
1. meameamealokkapoowa-arrowa{meameamealokkapoowa-arrowa}meameamealokkapoowa oompa not yet!!!!!!!!
2. {{L...A...L100,10}10,10,2,1,2} where A is just meameamealokkapoowa-sized array of L's. This can be also called 

Meameamealokkapoowa oompa-arrowa,
{Meameamealokkapoowa oompa,Meameamealokkapoowa oompa,Meameamealokkapoowa oompa}

Meameamealokkapoowa-biarrowa, {meameamealokkapoowa,meameamealokkapoowa,({meameamealokkapoowa,meameamealokkapoowa,meameamealokkapoowa-arrowa})}, two layers of the arrowa. Also, equal to {meameamealokkapoowa,meameamealokkapoowa,meameamealokkapoowa-arrowa} or meameamealokkapoowa expanded to 3.
Image of explanation:Meameamealokkapoowa-biarrowa

Meameamealokkapoowa-triarrowa,                  and the layers goes more...

{meameamealokkapoowa,meameamealokkapoowa,meameamealokkapoowa-arrowa} grhrtdrb

Meameamealokka, {{100,10}10,10}, referring from this list, the L is not compulsory needed.

Meameamealokkapoowa-arrowa-arrowa, arrowa... then we do the same formula just like the first time that we do to just meameamealokkapoowa; yes, the principal does changes to meameamealokkapoowa-arrowa:= {meameamealokkapoowa-arrowa,meameamealokkapoowa-arrowa,meameamealokkapoowa-arrowa}


Meameameamealokkapoowa, 4 mea's, {L100}10,10,10

Unnamed meameamealokkapoowa numbers

  • {{L...A...L100,10}10,10} Where the A is just meameamealokkapoowa-arrowa-sized array of L's. (may be meameamealokkapoowa-arrowa oompa or meamealokkapoowa oompa-arrowa?)

Non meameamealokkapoowa numbers

Googol-googolplex (not Googolgoogolplex), A googol that are followed by a googol plexes.

Googol kai, remastered version of googol. = 10100 x 1.5.

Shin googol, True googol. = Googol kai x 1.5.

Zetsu googol, = Shin googol x 1.5, and so on... The number x 1.5 then... The next principal changes then x 1.5 again and continues...

Ikosarakt1 number, (edit number count) For now it is 15000, its growing rate is about S50++(n) per day in the
simple hierarchy, where the n is the estimate when he edit more than usual. Unfairly, his edit rate is so fast.

TREE(TREE(3)), LOL! SO LARGE! And i though it spelled as three(3). Ok it is tree(3) then the treed version.
Can you imagine how large is it?

Trihex, it was deleted, so i place it here. It is equal to {6,6,6} in Linear array. or 6^^^^^^6 In arrow.

hyperzootzootplex, googolgoogol⋅googol-1googol-1⋅googol-2googol-2⋅...⋅44⋅33⋅22⋅11

Fzgoogol, Using the Fz- prefix, it is equal to googolgoogol.

Exponn-hyperzootzootplex, is (googolplexgoogolplex)(googolplex-1googolplex-1)(googolplex-2googolplex-2)...(22)(11). It is like hyperzootzootplex, but this is the power! With the exponn, it will power instead of times.

Zootzootduplex, also called zootzootplexplex or zootzootplexian. Me equal to

Mega in the circle

Mega=②, Circled mega is in the picture. And it is also equal to 256^256 in the square.

Zootzoottriplex, u no it. It's zootzootduplexzootzootduplex-1zootzootduplex-2...321.
And the more plexes continues this same way.

GoogolAN, short for googol alphabet number googol to numbers from


Mega-mega corners or mega-mega sides, Hexagon has six corners, so, 'Mega amounts of corners'(Mega). SO LARGE!
Is is equal to M(mega,mega) or mega in the megagon. It is equal to mega in the megagon. I call this Meggaa-gon, pronounced as me-ga-a-gon (the me is not 'myself', is mega. (Name not confirmed, we will call this for now.)

(Googolgoogols)plexplexes, it can be defined as, lets take n as googol...googol, with googol googols. Then n followed by n-plexes.

millionillion, H(1(1)) = H(million)= 10million. It is two illion after the "m". Omgf, it is also equal to millionplex.

great faxul, ((...((faxul!)!)!...)!)! with (grandgrandgrand...grandgrand w/grand faxul grands') faxul. nested factorials. Because grand < great.

Megagong, the function is the circle and the 2 is 100, so, 100 to 100000 = 2 x 1000 = 2000. Megagong is equal to 2000 in the circle or circle(2000).

For now, it is uncomputable.

The universe length, The whole universe diameter in meters. Is: The whole universe is (universe number) meters. But it is smaller than tritri.

My megainfinity, Not sure??????? It can be compared by using ratio. Now, 1:infinity is 1 vs infinity. So, infinity vs megainfinity ratio is 1:infinity.


Weak Factorial (it is triangular numbers/alt ver of Δ numbers), (lets take the number as 3) The factorial is 3! is 3 x 2 x 1. So, the weak one is 3¡, i flipped, lolll. So, 3¡ is equal to 3 + 2 + 1. The hyper operator goes for one level lower.(in the factorial definition/alt ver of Δ numbers.) So \(n\)¡ is, n+(n-1)+(n-2)+(n-3)+...+3+2+1. The ¡ is the inverted exclamation mark.

Half factorial, Instead of 3⋅2⋅1, it will reduce half after each multiply instead on one whole.
Like it is 3⋅2.5⋅2⋅1.5⋅1⋅0.5 = (3)⋅(2.5)⋅(2)⋅(1.5)⋅(1)⋅(0.5), we put the () because we shall not confuse with . & ⋅ .

Fraction factorial, Like multifactorial, but is MOAR! if the thing is three, then, (3)⋅(2.666)⋅(2.333)⋅(2)⋅(1.666)⋅(1.333)⋅(1)⋅(0.666)⋅(0.333).

Twice factorial, refers to the factorial of the factorial, Just (n!)!.

Thrice factorial, (((n)!)!)!. And etc.

Function multi action, refers to a function f, performs it to the n multiple times. Also called "nested function.". It is:
function(function(...m function('s...(function(n))...m )'s...) = f(f(...m f('s...(f(n))...m )'s...) = function(m)(n).
Now, lets take the 'm' as '4', and lets take the function or f as Factorial.
So, fact(fact(fact(fact(n)))), with m factorials, 4. It can be also be defined as (n!)!)!)!, with m !'s

The f is the function used, the m is the f performs to the n how many times, and the n is the numbers will be used.

r nTG n to googol amounts (exponentaton) Function. later

Brace function: There is a lot things to say, so it will separate the page abit soon.
1 entry: Brace(n) = n...n where there is n followed by itself for n times(till we we reached the last n), or n followed by n for n's times or \(\underbrace{n \cdots n}_{\text{n}}\). As well it will be always be Repdigit in 1 digit numbers but not from 10 onwards (when they duplicate and join (not + but is 1010 no 10+10)), then they are not repdigit, will be like 1010... .

  • Brace(4) = 4444, because it is \(\underbrace{4444}_{\text{4}}\)
  • Brace(6) = 666666 it is \(\underbrace{666666}_{\text{6}}\)
  • Now, for two digits and beyond... Brace(11) = 1111111111111111111111, 11 groups of 11. = \(\underbrace{11,11,11,11,11,11,11,11,11,11,11}_{\text{11}}\) ≠ (\underbrace{1111111111}_{\text{11}}\) = 11 ones but not 11 11's.

Brace(n) = n followed by n for n-1 times (because it includes the followed to the first n. it excludes the first n)

Googoldugong, it is googolgonggong or googol followed by two gong. So, googol is 10100. Then googolgong is 10100000. Now, googoldugong is equal to 10100000000</sup>?????

Googol-googolgong, a googol followed by googol gong's.

BEAF entriesEdit

Beaf is a notation. We usually use the algebras to express BEAF.

linear array:Edit

{a,b} - 2 entries, Exponentation. Which is ab. Originally, it is a+b.

{a,b,c} - 3 entries, \(c\)-ated. The \(c\) determines the ^'s. Which is a^...c^'s...^b.

{a,b,c,d} - 4 entries, a{{{...{{{c}}}.}}}b, with/d{ }'s

Blur Text

My signature, {{MyS}}

The sup categoryEdit

Ok, i will invent a word that called sup category, It is like sub-, But it is opposite meaning. The word sub category is the children of the category(without the "sub" prefix.(One level lower)

And now, the word sup- is meaning of its parent of the category.

Here is the map that showing the category placement.

Sup category(one level higher)
\(\uparrow\) (Parent C)
Category(Its own level)
\(\downarrow\) (Children C)
Sub category(one level lower)

But the "sup" means 'upper' in this word but not 'super', and 'sub' means lower.

I am the rightful owner of the word.

Third party smoker (my theory)Edit

"Yes", the third parties smokers does not smokes (use cigarette), as well as the second parties. The third parties taking the posion air amount is very little.
Third parties ← Second parties ← First party.

Second partyEdit

The first party uses cigarette and smokes then the air flies out, and the person goes near the smoker(first party) will breathe in the air from the smoker. The air intake is some, not as much as the firster.

I no want to hear others, just tell me. (Third party.)Edit

Ok, they breathe in the air indirectly from the first party and directly from the second parties. Which means when the second party goes to other place, then the third party goes near the second party, then the second party breathe out the air and passes the air around the second party and the person near the second party like the third party people, then they breathe in the air from the second party where the air is from the first party.


  • The third party breathe the air indirectly from the first party.
  • Third party breathes very little cigarette air.
  • The third party breathe in the air which was breathe out from the second party.
  • The other type of the third party is: the expecting mother breathes in the smoke, the baby takes the thing air.

Scientific Exponent notation, mEn or mE+n = m followed by n zeroes.
Ea#b = (10^^a)^b or 10^10^...^10 (w/a)10^'s then result ^ b.

Followed by 100 zeroes story (my story) laterEdit


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