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  • I live in in a house
  • I was born on June 17
  • My occupation is a human being
  • I am not an idiot
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    This takes longer than I thought it would.

    Anyway here's the preview

    Also a little giveaway about myself : I'm not from the USA and I'm not female.






    {3,3,4[/ /10]3}




    Edit : Damm html

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    The serioius mood broke when I said that Graham's Number makes me think of Graham Crackers XD

    And the look she gave me when I tried to explain the FGH to her :D

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    Sorry for the Inactivity

    November 5, 2016 by 841 Avenue

    As you could see I got some typos in my notation post. Like in the rules about the 1's there are bugs. I'm taking that one down when the formal notation is relased since I developed a faster growing, and non-buggy version. This notation was also the reason I was mainly inactive today. This notation made me dump 1/4 of my A4 paper storage :) Anyway, it'll be bugfixed and finished in 1-2 days.

    The current growth rate (estimation) is

    \(f_{\omega^\omega}(n)\) on linear arrays and \(f_{\omega^{\omega^\omega}}\) on the simple dimensional ones. The linear array growth rates are more perfect because dimensional arrays aren't bugfixed yet beyond 3 dimensions. But it'll also be tweaked along with linear arrays.

    The arrays will always (with a few except…

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    Base Rules

    • Rule A1 : The "Alpha" is the first entry in the array, the "Beta" is the second entry in the array, and the "Hybrid" is the last entry in the array. They are written a, b, and h.
    • Rule A2 : X represents an arbitary array, # represents an arbitary symbol, and V is the value of an arbitary array.
    • Rule A3 : An Array must be inside the curly brackets { and }, Unless future additions define elsewise.
    • Rule A4 : The rule set B3+ may differ in future additions that define elsewise.

    Preparing Rules

    • Rule B1 : If there is only one entry than {a} = a
    • Rule B2 : If there is two entires than {a,b} = (A inside a B-gon) using steinhaus-moser notation. Note that A inside a 1-gon or {a,1} is just {a}, a rollback from rule B3. A inside a 2-gon is specially…
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    Some Talk

    October 20, 2016 by 841 Avenue

    Beta version of rules for my notation (Linear Arrays only) (#is an array, + is a symbol (It's addition in rules 16/17), X is the value of an array)

    1. The "Alpha" or "a" is the first entry in an array.
    2. The "Beta" or "b" is the second entry in an array.
    3. The "Hybrid" or "h" is the last entry in an array.
    4. If h=1, then the h is cropped off.
    5. If a=1, then X=1
    6. If b=1, then X = a
    7. If any entires that are NOT a, b, or h is 1; Crop of the 1, and replace all other entries with a.
    8. If there are multiples 1's in an array; Replace all of the 1's with a's.
    9. If a=0, then X=0
    10. If b=0, than X=0
    11. If h =0; Crop the h off.
    12. If any entires that are NOT a, b, or h is 0; Crop the 0 off the array.
    13. If there are multiple 0's om an array, all the 0's are cropped off.
    14. The rules for 0's and …

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