Hello. I'm just another person who's interested in ridiculously big numbers.

My interest for them began when I was little. I learned what a hundred meant, and then a thousand, million, billion... up to trillion. I wondered what next? If a trillion is 1,000,000,000,000, are there any bigger numbers than that? But I lost interest to that fairly quickly, because there was a whole new lot of amazing things to learn at that age.

My interest was brought back when I got into a book about the -illion numbers. I soon knew what came after a trillion. I also learned "Googol" and "Googolplex". Now "Googolplex" was the new largest number in my brain. I tried to envision a Googolplex, but I had to give up because my head hurt.

But the quest was on: I tried to break "The largest number in my brain" record. Soon Googolplex was replaced by Googleduplex (Or Googolplexian, Googolplexplex, idk it has so many names), and that was replaced by Googoltriplex. A few months later, Graham's number was the largest number in my brain.

From Graham's Number. I understood that common math and just zeroes&exponentation weren't enough to represent numbers like these. From Up-arrows, I got a huge turn in the right direction; I found out a branch of math dedicated to big numbers, and although I can't say Googology is my favorite branch of math, it certainly has a big place.

Back to the present, what can I say about my Googology until now? Well, I can say that my interest for Googology now plays a bigger role, and that I'm ready to talk to the fellow people here.

Have a nice day.

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