The rules are starting to look cr*p and nested, so I'll clear those up.

Base Rules

  • Rule A1 : The "Alpha" is the first entry in the array, the "Beta" is the second entry in the array, and the "Hybrid" is the last entry in the array. They are written a, b, and h.
  • Rule A2 : X represents an arbitary array, # represents an arbitary symbol, and V is the value of an arbitary array.
  • Rule A3 : An Array must be inside the curly brackets { and }, Unless future additions define elsewise.
  • Rule A4 : The rule set B3+ may differ in future additions that define elsewise.

Preparing Rules

  • Rule B1 : If there is only one entry than {a} = a
  • Rule B2 : If there is two entires than {a,b} = (A inside a B-gon) using steinhaus-moser notation. Note that A inside a 1-gon or {a,1} is just {a}, a rollback from rule B3. A inside a 2-gon is specially calculated as {a,2} = 10a. This 2-gon rule is an exception to the Cataclysmic Rules.
  • Rule B3 : If a=1 than V=1, if h=1 the h is cropped off.
  • Rule B4 : If b=1, crop the b off, and set all entires in X to alpha regardless of any #.
  • Rule B5 : If the 1 is in other places than a, b, or h, than the 1 and anything behind it are cropped off.
  • Rule B6 : If there are multiple one's, perform Rule B3~4 First. If there are remaining 1's apply Rule B5 to the leftmost 1.
  • Rule B7 : Zeroes are cropped off  no matter of there position, unless future additions define elsewise.

Cataclysmic Rules

  • Rule C1 : Cataclysmic Rule. If rules B1~7 doesn't apply, than {a,b,X,h} = {a+1,{a,b-1,X,h},X,h-1}
  • Rule C2 : Perform Rules B1~7 before performing Rule C1 on an array.

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