Beta version of rules for my notation (Linear Arrays only) (#is an array, + is a symbol (It's addition in rules 16/17), X is the value of an array)

  1. The "Alpha" or "a" is the first entry in an array.
  2. The "Beta" or "b" is the second entry in an array.
  3. The "Hybrid" or "h" is the last entry in an array.
  4. If h=1, then the h is cropped off.
  5. If a=1, then X=1
  6. If b=1, then X = a
  7. If any entires that are NOT a, b, or h is 1; Crop of the 1, and replace all other entries with a.
  8. If there are multiples 1's in an array; Replace all of the 1's with a's.
  9. If a=0, then X=0
  10. If b=0, than X=0
  11. If h =0; Crop the h off.
  12. If any entires that are NOT a, b, or h is 0; Crop the 0 off the array.
  13. If there are multiple 0's om an array, all the 0's are cropped off.
  14. The rules for 0's and 1's does NOT apply to centain higher level symbols (The "Higher Level Symbols" here are WIP)
  15. {a,h} = a inside a h-gon using Steinhaus-Moser Notation.
  16. {a,b,h} = {a+1,{a+1,b-1,h},h-1}
  17. {a,b,#,h} = {a+1,{a+1,b-1,#,h},#,h-1}
  18. {a[h]} = {h,h,h,.....} with a h's
  19. If there are only 2 entires, the b does not exist.
  20. The "Decomposing" rules (&Rules 16/17) only exist if; a>2 in {a[h]}
  21. End.

Also I think that TREE(3) deserves a seperate page

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