Here i will define my -illions better.

Tier 1

First, the list of the -illions up to decillion:

1. Million = H(1)

2. Billion = H(2)

3. Trillion = H(3)

4. Tetrillion = H(4)

5. Pentillion = H(5)

6. Hexillion = H(6)

7. Heptillion = H(7)

8. Octillion = H(8)

9. Ennillion = H(9)

10. Decillion = H(10)

Now, we can make a list of the units separators:

mi, bi, tri, tetri, penti, hexi, hepti, octi, enni

Now, after a decillion we can append the units separators to deci:

First, there is a midecillion, then a bidecillion, then a tridecillion, etc.

Here list of tens separators:

deci, viginti, triginti, tetriginti, pentiginti, hexiginti, heptiginti, octiginti, enniginti

Then we can have centillion, micenti, bicenti,...,decicenti,..., up to ennea-ennigenti-centillion.

Then, we can append these multipliers to centi:

du, tru, tetru, pentu, hexu, heptu, octu, ennu

There is also a mu, but it's not necessary because e.g: mucentillion = centillion, because it multiplies by 1 and n*1 = n

Largest -illion of Tier 1 is ennea-enneigent-ennucentillion and largest number is:

Nine hundred ninety nine ennea-enneigent-ennucentillion

Nine hundred ninety nine octa-enneigent-ennucentillion


Nine hundred ninety nine thousand

Nine hundred ninety nine

Tier 2

First, there's kilillion = H(1000)

We can have mikilillion, bikili, trikili,...,decikili,...,centikili,...,up to ennea-enneigent-ennucenti-kili.

Then we can apply the multipliers to kili, and then we can have up to ennea-enneigent-ennucenti-ennukili.

Then, list of tens multipliers:

deku, vigintu, trigintu, tetrigintu, pentigintu, hexigintu, heptigintu, octigintu, ennigintu

But what comes after deku?

We can mix the multipliers like with the separators, so the multiplier after deku is mudeku, then dudeku, trudeku, etc.

Finally, list of hundreds multipliers:

centu, dentu, trentu, tetrentu, pententu, hexentu, heptentu, octentu, ennentu

Notice that the limit of each prefix is enneuenneigentennentu (multiplier)

Then megillion = H(H(1)), gigillion = H(H(2)), etc.

Then xenillion = H(H(9))

But,... what next?

I use my extended prefixes (article coming soon):

decettillion, undecettillion,...,vigintettillion,...,centettillion,...,etc.

Finally, kilettillion = H(H(1000)). This is limit of tier 2.

Tier 3 and beyond

We can extend our prefixes:

Dukiletta, dekukiletta, centukiletta, megetta, gigetta, etc.

Then xenettillion = H(H(H(9))), and decettettillion = H(H(H(10)))

Finally, we can nest these prefixes:

centettetta, kilettetta, decettettetta, decettettettetta, etc.

But these later become cumbersome to write.

So my system of illions has a limit of tetrational level.


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