I decided to do my own salad number.

X is the result of the previous operation. Start with:

Meameamealokkapoowa Stage 1 = Meameamealokkapoowa

Meameamealokkapoowa Stage 2 = Meameamealokkapoowa oompa


Start with Meameamealokkapoowa Stage Meameamealokkapoowa

1. X^(X)^X, where a^(n)^b = a^^^...^^^b with n arrows

2. BB(X)

3. Sigma(X)

4. Rayo(X)

5. Repeat steps 1 - 4 googol times

6. X^Googoltriplex

7. EX#X

8. (X)#X

9. X-^-X

10. X+X

11. Repeat steps 1-10 Meameamealokkapoowa Stage Meameamealokkapoowa Meameamealokkapoowa Stage Meameamealokkapoowa Stage Meameamealokkapoowa Stage ...  Meameamealokkapoowa Stage  Meameamealokkapoowa Stage  Meameamealokkapoowa Stage  Meameamealokkapoowa with n levels times

12. Repeat steps 1-11 Rayo's Number Times

13. Repeat steps 1-12 greagol times

14. Repeat steps 1-13 greagol times


greagol. Repeat steps 1-(greagol-1) greagol times

greagol+1. X(((X)))X

greagol+2. X(((...(((X)))...)))X with X levels

greagol+3. X+X

greagol+4. X+112342384923849238482344823948329849238493284932849238498239482394823948239482398E#23894823948923849238492384923898234239482394823

Call the result X'. To get X'', repeat the process again but with X' as the starting number. Continue with X''', X'''', etc.

Then, call Y as X... with X' (')'s

Then, to get Y', repeat all the process, but starting with Y.

Have Z = Y'...' with Y' (')'s

Have X' = (1)', Y' = (2)', Z' = (3)', etc.

Then, (X') = ((1)'), etc.

We can have (((1))), ((((1)))), (((((1))))), etc.

Let define Flain(n) = (((...(((n)))...))) with n levels

My number is Flain(Flain(Flain(...(Flain(Flain(Flain(X'))))...))) with X' levels.


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