There have been some new people joining the wiki lately, so I decided to make a series of blogs to help new people get started on googology. In this chapter, I will look at some of the mistakes that new googologists make.


It's not about defining the largest number

So you are new in googology, and you're trying to define a larger number than the current largest defined number, because that's what googology is about, right? One of the mistakes that some new googologists make is thinking that googology is about beating the largest number defined by defining a bigger one, or by defining the biggest number possible. But it's not only that: it's also about defining other large numbers, defining ways to define numbers, checking how large a large number is, checking how large are the numbers produced by a way of producing large numbers, comparing large numbers or ways of producing large numbers, and more.

Now, suppose that you still want to define a larger number than the largest defined number. If you still want to do that, i'll give you a warning: it's much harder than you think, for the reasons below:

Infinity is not a number

Making a number unbeatable is impossible

Naive extensions don't count

Salad numbers don't count

Don't define using examples

It might be big, but you still need to define it

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