In this post, i'll try to redefine Norminal Theory, from FONT to OONOT and beyond.

NOTE: This is still under construction, and might change over time.


So, what's Norminal theory, you might ask?

Norminal theory is a collection of systems that was created by KthulhuHimself, to help define the last extension of TaN, a notation created by KthulhuHimself. In this blog post, i attempt to redefine it and explain how it might possibly work. If you have any suggestions or found any errors, you can post them in the comments.

Without more left to say, let's start.

First Order Norminal TheoryEdit

FONT is the first system we are gonna talk about.

At FONT, it is the first system of Norminal Theory, and the weakest one. It introduces the concept of norminals, norminal chess, norminal language, and the functions N(n) and NC(n).


First things first, what is a norminal?

A norminal is, according to FONT, the largest possible expression that can result in the end of a game of norminal chess.

So, you might be asking, what is the difference between a norminal and another? Don't they use the same type of norminal chess?

Well, it turns out there are different types of norminal chess, each one being part of a norminal system.

A norminal chess in N(n) norminal system is called N(n) norminal chess.

But what is all of this about?

How Norminal Systems WorkEdit

Well, it goes something like this:

A norminal system is the collection of a norminal language and a norminal chess.

A norminal language, can be any language.

A norminal chess, is a game of chess, which i'll define later on.

So, what are the norminal systems of FONT?

Norminal SystemsEdit

N(0) Norminal SystemEdit

The first norminal system we are gonna talk about is the N(0) norminal system.

Under construction!