Based on TaN by KthuluHimself.

NOTE: This notation is under construction. It may change over time.

Basic (Extension 0)

New Rules:

Start with a number n=1.

At each step, increase n by 1

0 --> End of game

<0> --> 0

<m> --> <m-1>

Function TaHE0(n) solves the hydra <n>

Linear Array (Extension 1)

New rules:

& = Rest of array

<0,0,0,...,0,0,x,&> (m entries) --> <n,n,n,...,n,n,x-1,&> (m entries)

<m,&> --> <m-1,&>

<&,0,&> --> <&,&>

Function TaHE1(n) solves the hydra <n,n,n,...,n,n,n> with n entries

Nested Array (Extension 2)

<&,<0>,&> --> <&,&>

<0,<x,&>,&> --> <0,0,0,...,0,0,1,<x-1,&>,&> with n entries

<m,&,<x,&>,&> --> <m-1,&,<x,&>,&>

<0,<0>,0,<0>,0,<0>,0,...,0,<0>,0,<0>,0,<1>,&> with n entries --> <0,<0>,<<1>>>

On hiatus!

Commas Array (Extension 3)

On hiatus!

Dimensional Array (Extension 4)

<&,&> = <&<0>&>

Under construction!

Nested Dimensional Array (Extension 5)

Coming soon!

Superscript Array (Extension 6)

Coming soon!

Legion Array (Extension 7)

Coming soon!

Multiple Subscript Array (Extension 8)

Coming soon!

Multiple-order Subscript Array (Extension 9)

Coming soon!

Hyperdimensional Arrays (Extension 10)

Coming soon!

Hyperhyperdimensional Arrays (Extension 11)

Coming soon!

Superdimensional Arrays (Extension 12)

Coming soon!

Ultradimensional Arrays (Extension 13)

Coming soon!

TiTaH (?) (Extension Ω)

Coming soon!


Coming soon!


Coming soon!

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