As an attempt to make my own version of TiTaN, i came up with this extension of TaN. KthuluHimself suggested i changed the name, so i decided to give it the name Universal Terminal Array Notation (UTaN)

Universal Terminal Array Notation (UTaN)

So, how can we make TaN stronger? Of course, make an extension! And then, we can make other extension. And other. And other. And more. But we cannot do all of those extensions forever. We need to generalize them so we can make all extensions we want in only one extension.

This is possible thanks to a new system: UTaN.

So, how to generalize the extensions?

We use a new type of bracket: the [] bracket.

And how, you might ask? Easy. We all know notations has a ruleset, right? Of course! And every extension has a ruleset. So, to generalize the extension, we just need to make an extension, that allows us to make rulesets to use only 1 extension for all of the extensions we want!

So, how do we express this?

Under construction!

Higher-order Universal Terminal Array Notation (HoUTaN)

Coming soon!

More extensions coming soon!

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