Unthinkable numbers are numbers that cannot be thought of. But I am describing what unthinkable numbers are, so I am thinking of unthinkable numbers. But I am actually not thinking about unthinkable numbers, nor am I describing unthinkable numbers, I am just describing numbers that are not unthinkable, but are described as unthinkable. I call these numbers minor unthinkable numbers. There is also another type of unthinkable number, called partial unthinkable number. This is a number that is partially unthinkable, some of it is unthinkable, and some of it is not unthinkable. But we will never be able to ever think about real unthinkable numbers, and in fact, unthinkable numbers are beyond numbers, because numbers are not unthinkable, so if an unthinkable number was a number, then it would only be a partial unthinkable number, because it's not entirely unthinkable.


EDIT 22/04/17: Totally Unthinkable Numbers

So I described what an unthinkable number is (but since i described them, i only described minor unthinkable numbers), but there are some problems with the definition.

With my definition, the smallest unthinkable number would be unknown. This is, because I haven't described who is thinking. It could be the human brain, but it could also be some really powerful supercomputer the size of the Local Friedmann Bubble.  So I want to define a few more types of Unthinkable Numbers.

We can define Unthinkable Numbers for the Human Brain, or for the supercomputer i described above, or for anything that can think, and these unthinkable numbers will be numbers that cannot be thought of by whatever is thinking.

And there are also Totally Unthinkable Numbers, which are numbers that nothing that can ever exist in any universe or reality can think of. These are the numbers I wanted to describe when I made this blog post (but since i described them, i only described minor unthinkable numbers).


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