Happy new year 2015!

Year(nY,mY) = number of years that passed from year n to year m (m can be S to remove the m year limit) (Y can be BC or AD, it means if the year is BC or AD)


Year(3BC,3AD) = 5

Year(100AD,1000AD) = 900

Year(2001AD,2015AD) = 14 (suggested by aarex)

And so on...

Sorry i wanted to do a special function to celebrate the new year 2015

How to calculate your age with the Year() function.

WARNING: This will only work if you already had your birthday the year you are watching this.

Year(nAD,mAD) = your age, where n is the year you were born (of course AD there is nobody living that was born on BC) and where m is the year you are watching this (of course AD there is no third variable to put on Y's place)

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