heres a simple array notation i made to start the year. hey at least it's not as weak as the year() function

an array is a group of numbers separated by commas, an array is represented with an uppercase letter like A

a valid expression is of the form y(n>A) (n is the base)

to solve an array, first look at the last entry, if it's a 1, delete it. else, look at the last entry, if it's not a 1, decrease it by 1 and nest the whole expression into the base the base times.

else let A = 1,E(B), then solve E(B). here is how to solve E(B):

  1. 1,E(a) = 1,a
  2. 1,E(1,b) = 1,E(n,b-1)
  3. 1,E(a,A) = n,E(a-1,A)
  4. 1,E(1,A) = 1,E(1,E(A)), then solve E(A)

now i'm going to get back to procastinating cheers

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