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  • Antares.I.G.Harrison

    I am a moron

    October 10, 2016 by Antares.I.G.Harrison

    I'm sorry for getting this site slip out of my interest for nearly a year

    I'm sorry for not taking this seriously

    You guys are infinitly better than me

    You do whatever you want with what I did, delete them, whatever. I don't care anymore

    I can never be like you guys

    I'm so sorry for the guys to tried to revive my work. Now it's useless

    I may come back when I actually take this seriously

    I'm dumping everything I made excpect the Graham One

    Sorry Wythagoras

    Sorry Nathan

    Sorry Cookiefonster

    Sorry Cloudy

    Sorry Aarex

    Sorry Hyp Cos

    Sorry Googology Noob

    Sorry Sbiis

    Sorry everyone

    Who knows...

    I am a failure

    I stained the reputation of Googology

    I am a fucking loser

    I will not return until I do something honorable to Googology

    Once again Sorry to everyone

    I don't care w…

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  • Antares.I.G.Harrison

    Hello. Tetrational Arrays this time.

    Remember ? We'll start off by introducing a new one.


    The third entry marks the Tetrational space.


    First we do n,n/n and we do n,(n,n/n)/n. Than we do it n times. Tetrational Arrays.

    Pentational arrays are a bit of a mindblow.


    Again, we can call this

    with n n's

    First we do n,n,2/n and do n,(n,n,2/n),2/n. You guessed it, we do it n times.

    Hexational arrays are kinda same.


    First we do n,n,3/n and do n,(n,n,3/n),3/n. Once more, we do it n times. Hmmm.... Pretty big.

    The limit of this is the structure.

    If we stop here, we have

    Operator Dimensional Graham Array Notation.

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  • Antares.I.G.Harrison

    Eh-hem. Here we are. dimensional arrays.

    Before we discuss on that matter, I'll going to change the base rule in the Notation.

    [a,a,a,a,a] used to be [a,a,a,[a,a,a,a-1,a],a-1]. Now it's [a,a,a,a-1,[a,a,a,a,a-1]]. That way the array would degenerate towards d in [a,b,c,d], creating a larger array.

    Let's get into it.

    First we need to put things into the second row.

    [a,b,c] is the first row and [x,y,z] is the second row.

    Heck, why not bring a third row [l,m,n]?

    Hmmm. We'll need to degenerate those ararys into a single entry. So

    The first row is a↑b (c Arrows). Let's call this A

    The second row is x↑y (z Arrows) Let's call this B

    The third row is l↑m (n Arrows) Let's call this C

    Now we need to define a function. [a^b] = [a,a,a,.....,a,a,a] with b a's. [a^…

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  • Antares.I.G.Harrison

    Hello guys

    November 29, 2015 by Antares.I.G.Harrison

    After all those months of absence, I'm back! Well, not in the wiki editing stuff like a Gongulus but back into googology.

    I've been into Computer Coding (Javascript), Web Developing, and yes, Studies in other branches of Nature. (Astrophysics and/or Chemistry)

    I finally put together my long-abandoned notation. Today I'll just introduce Linear Arrays, as I'm busy.

    Eh-hem. Let's start.

    First, we must set some set-definitions.

    1. @ means an array. 2. # means an operator. 3. M is the "Main". 4. C is the "Controller".

    Now, we'll set some base rules.

    1. The default bracket is []. An array must be inside []. 2. If 1 is the second entry the 1 and anything behind it are cropped off. [a,1,@] = [a]

    This must take place before the array is calculated.

    3. Any …

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  • Antares.I.G.Harrison

    Hello back

    June 29, 2015 by Antares.I.G.Harrison

    Hi ya all. I have been in-active because I had more math work to do and some more load of lectures + studies + progress. Plus I've been on other wikia's too. However I'm now active here.

    As you all know, I left my notation behind in statis months ago. Turns out I was also working on it. A few more tweaks on dimensional arrays and it's done. Schedule for realease : July 10th

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