I'm sorry for getting this site slip out of my interest for nearly a year

I'm sorry for not taking this seriously

You guys are infinitly better than me

You do whatever you want with what I did, delete them, whatever. I don't care anymore

I can never be like you guys

I'm so sorry for the guys to tried to revive my work. Now it's useless

I may come back when I actually take this seriously

I'm dumping everything I made excpect the Graham One

Sorry Wythagoras

Sorry Nathan

Sorry Cookiefonster

Sorry Cloudy

Sorry Aarex

Sorry Hyp Cos

Sorry Googology Noob

Sorry Sbiis

Sorry everyone

Who knows...

I am a failure

I stained the reputation of Googology

I am a fucking loser

I will not return until I do something honorable to Googology

Once again Sorry to everyone

I don't care whether you take this apology of not

You may as just well ignore me or ban me

I just want you guys to know that I was a still am a fucking piece of shit


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