Hello, I just made up another notation while fixing my Psi Notation, which was renamed to "P Notation" or "P Array Notation". The notation I made today is for Up-arrow Numbers. I call it the "Graham Notation" or just GN.

1. [a] = a

2. [a,b] = a^b

3. [a,b,c] = a^^^^.....^^^^b (c times)

4. [a,b,c,d] = a^^^^...(a^^^^...(a^^^^...(a^^^^....^^^^b)...^^^b)...^^^b)...^^^^b where the first one has c arrows, the second one has a^^^...^^c (b arrows) arrows, and so on for d layers.

5. [[a],b,c] = [a,a,b,c]

So Graham's Number is [[3]4,64] = 3^^^^3 repeated for 64 layers (G64)

So Gn = [[3]4,n]

Forcal = [[3],4,1000000]

Force Forcal = [[3],4,([[3],4,1000000])]

This is a WIP notation, I will keep editing this post. For 5+ Entries, there is no rules now (I am making it) so please don't mention 5+ entry arrays.

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