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  • I live in Someplace
  • My occupation is Nothing as of now
  • I am An Apache Attack Helicopter
  • Benthe1st

    This is a WIP, so don't hate instantly XD This will be added to continuously.

    Also do tell me if i'm going about this right or wrong since i'm new. Hopefully this remake will make more sense. Also do tell me what needs to be clarified, as i know what im on about, but it is whether you know too.

    Also (again) do tell me what needs to be defined as like i have said, i dont know what you dont know about what im typing about.

    PLN = Previous Largest Number.

    || = Instead of using L for letter.

    (n↑↑↑) means an n amount of 3 up arrows. (E.g. A googol of 3 up arrows = googol↑↑↑)

    NOTE: If i dont explicitly state in a step to always sub in the largest possible value where possible then assume that it does anyway, it makes things easier this way.

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