aka Boris Dimitrov

  • I live in Veliko Tarnovo,Bulgaria
  • I was born on August 15
  • My occupation is Cookies
  • I am male
  • Boboris02

    \(\{0,1\{1\bullet_1 1\}1\}\) \(\psi(\psi_I(I))\)
    \(\{0,1\{1\bullet_1 1\}2\}\) \(\psi(\psi_I(I+\psi_I(I)))\)
    \(\{0,1\{1\bullet_1 1\}3\}\) \(\psi(\psi_I(I+\psi_I(I+\psi_I(I))))\)
    \(\{0,1\{1\bullet_1 1\}0,1\}\) \(\psi(\psi_I(I2))\)
    \(\{0,1\{1\bullet_1 1\}0,2\}\) \(\psi(\psi_I(I2+\psi_I(I2)))\)
    \(\{0,1\{1\bullet_1 1\}0,0,1\}\) \(\psi(\psi_I(I3))\)
    \(\{0,1\{1\bullet_1 1\}0\{1\}1\}\) \(\psi(\psi_I(I\omega))\)
    \(\{0,1\{1\bullet_1 1\}0\{0\backslash 1\}1\}\) \(\psi(\psi_I(I\Omega))\)
    \(\{0,1\{1\bullet_1 1\}0\{0,1:A\}1\}\) \(\psi(\psi_I(I\Omega_\lambda))\)
    \(\{0,1\{1\bullet_1 1\}0\{0,1\{1\bullet_1 1\}1\}1\}\) \(\psi(\psi_I(I\psi_I(I)))\)
    \(\{0,1\{1\bullet_1 1\}0\{0,1\{1\bullet_1 1\}0\{0,1\{1\bullet_1 1\}1\}1\}1\}\) \(\psi(\psi_I(I\psi_I(I\psi_I(I))))\)

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  • Boboris02

    Redefining ABHAN

    December 11, 2017 by Boboris02

    Considering I've spent the past few days measuring the strength of a notation that was first defined on a website,that no longer exists,I've decided to redefine it to avoid confusion.

    For this definition I am going to use these symbols a lot:

    A - An array. Can have one or any finite amount of entries.

    \(\#\) - A segment of an array. It can also be nothing,for example b(a,b,#,c) = b(a,b,c).

    a,b,c,d,.....x,y,z - Arbitrary integers.

    /A/ - The array "A" is solved "Normally",aka the same way it's solved in b(a,b,A).

    ABHAN (Another Boris' Hyper Array Notation) is expressed in the form "b(A)",where "A" is an array.

    Arrays and array seperators have ranks.

    \(A_1 < A_2 \iff b(a,b,A_1) < b(a,b,A_2) \forall a,b\)

    Seperator ranks are measured in R().

    If \(A_1\) …

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  • Boboris02

    Part 1 -

    \(\{0\backslash\{1\}1\}\) \(\varphi(\omega,0)\)
    \(\{0\backslash 1\backslash\{1\}1\}\) \(\varepsilon_{\varphi(\omega,0) +1}\)
    \(\{0\backslash 0\backslash 1\backslash\{1\}1\}\) \(\zeta_{\varphi(\omega,0)+1}\)
    \(\{0\backslash\{1\}2\}\) \(\varphi(\omega,1)\)
    \(\{0\backslash\{1\}n\}\) \(\varphi(\omega,n-1)\)
    \(\{0\backslash\{1\}0,1\}\) \(\varphi(\omega,\omega)\)
    \(\{0\backslash\{1\}0\{0\backslash 1\}1\}\) \(\varphi(\omega,\varepsilon_0)\)
    \(\{0\backslash\{1\}0\{0\backslash\{1\}1\}1\}\) \(\varphi(\omega,\varphi(\omega,0))\)
    \(\{0\backslash\{1\}0\backslash 1\}\) \(\varphi(\omega +1,0)\)
    \(\{0\backslash 0\backslash 1\{1\}0\backslash 1\}\) \(\varepsilon_{\varp…

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  • Boboris02

    I'm back!

    November 27, 2017 by Boboris02

    Hello to all of you! I am the infamous wiki user known as Boboris02.

    Some of you might remember me.....I hope.

    Anyways,I was gone for something like 8 months and now I'm back on the wiki.

    Don't expect me to be very active though. I might also get on the IRC from time to time.

    If there have been some things of importance and/or important updates on this wiki,please tell me.

    Anyways,about my website.......yeah I deleted it. There were too many mistakes and a lot dumb stuff on it plus it was just very messy. I might make a new one and try to make it more organized.

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  • Boboris02

    Well I had to do it at some point.


    \(b(a,a,1)\) \(f_2(a)\)
    \(b(a,a,n)\) \(f_{n+1}(a)\)
    \(b(a,a,0,1)\) \(f_{\omega}(a)\)
    \(b(a,a,n,1)\) \(f_{\omega +n}(a)\)
    \(b(a,a,n,k)\) \(f_{\omega k + n}(a)\)
    \(b(a,a,0,0,1)\) \(f_{\omega^2}(a)\)
    \(b(a,a,n,k,i)\) \(f_{\omega^2 i + \omega k + n}(a)\)
    \(b(a,a,0,0,0,1)\) \(f_{\omega^3}(a)\)
    \(b(a,a,n,k,l,m)\) \(f_{\omega^3 m + \omega^2 l + \omega k + n}(a)\)
    \(b(a,a,b,c,d,e,.....)\) \(f_{...... + \omega^3 e + \omega^2 d + \omega c +b}(a)\)

    Limit of l-ABHAN is \(\omega^\omega\).

    \(b(a,a\{1\}1)\) \(f_{\omega^\omega}(a)\)
    \(b(a,a,1\{1\}1)\) \(f_{\omega^\omega +1}(a)\)
    \(b(a,a,n\{1\}1)\) \(f_{\omega^\omega +n}(a)\)
    \(b(a,a,0,1\{1\}1)\) \(f_{\omega^\omega + \omega}(a)\)
    \(b(a,a,n,k\{1\}1)\) \(f_{\omega^\omega +…

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