So.....why do I like googology?

Why am I even here?

What am I doing?

And why?

Well.....first of all,since my oldest memories,I always remember myself loving mathematics.

When I was five I already knew how to multiply millions.

Everybody around me was facinated by that and from what I can remember they used to ask what that and that makes.

At the time I didn't really understand why everyone was so interasted in me answering questions.

My parents had big hopes for me.Nowdays it really doesn't seem like that's the case :(

When I first went to school,I thought it was the absolute worst thing in the intire universe.I didn't at all listen to what my teachers told me and never did my homework in time.I am left-handed and have dysgraphia,so it's always been hard for me to write well.It used to take me 4 hours to do a homework,because I couldn't concentrate and wrote extremely slowly.I wasn't what you would call a well-behaved student at all!On top of all I hated all teachers and never paid any atention in class.I was bad at sports and still am today.I was bad at learning languiges and hated history and geography.However,Math was allways my favorite!I loved doing it,while everyone else absolutely hated it!I don't remember ever struggling at a math question and ever complaining that it's difficult.

On tests I was never scared and in class I was only bored when what we were studying was too simple(even when everybody else claimed it's difficult).

I never understood why everybody in class had such poor logic.Whenever there were questions that were oversimplified,no one would listen to what I was saying and they would say the facepalmiest thing you can imagine.

So,a little bit of time passed and most things seemed better!

I was bullied less because I had stayed it that class for 5 years and had now a lot of friends who would defend me.

And I may have still been bad at sports,languiges,history..... I was good at science,many people told me I was artistic but most of all I was as good as ever im Maths!

My mom got a job in the european comission in JRC.So we had to leave to go to Italy.

In the beginning I was very exited,but as time passed I realised that I miss my actual home.

So at vacantions we would go to visit my friends and family in Bulgaria.

While I was going to school in Italy,I realised something:the mathematical education was BAD

We were studying stuff like 5x+2=7 x=?


That got me really pissed off because in Bulgaria we got a wonderfull education.

We studied things like this:


And what we were studying here was A JOKE!

But then I accepted it and for 3 years evrybody tought I'm a genius or something(exept for the fact that since I did not know what we were doing in Bulgaria and would probably fail if I tried a test).

After a while things got better:

What we were doing was not so terably easy and I started going to extra lessons in the summer to cope whith what we were doing in Bulgaria.The teacher loved me because I standed out of the croud for loving math so much(and knowing the first 14 digits of Pi).I passed with a 9.5 and went back to Bulgaria after 6 years.

How is that googology related?

Here's how!

After doing that I searched in internet for the black hole fenomena,watched a video by a guy called Sharkee and saw the "What's the largest number" video in the recomended section.After watching it I was facinated By the sheer size of the numbers shown there.

Never thought big numbers are what was gonna take me over.I watched it again and again,and again......and it got more interasting every single time!

Then I had to go to a nearby village with my grandpa.While there instead of playing outside I stayed at home untill late night under the lamp thinking of how to make the largest number possible.I made a bunch of extentions to googol and I even invented my own method of naming systems.These are technicaly the first numbers I have ever coined.I made about 20-30 numbers.At that time they looked UNBELIEVEBLY HUGE!!! to me.

Now when I look back,they seem very,very tiny.The largest of all was about \(f_{\omega+2}(10^{100})\).

But considering I only used powers to create them,that's quite impressive!

I might one day put those numbers in my site if I ever find the paper.

Now I have much more sufficient ways of making big numbers,but back then I didn't know how to go beyond simple stuff.

So what kept you here? 

When I first came I was very shy.I saw the blog post feature and made my first notation.

I called it "Boris's Sezration notation".It was very unprofecional and even naive,but I'm still proud of it!

Overall isn't making mistakes what makes us learn?

It was this thrill of making notations stronger and stronger that kept me into this.And I learned a lot while doing it!

Now I can say I'm an all out Googologist!

People make weird facial expressions when they see me writing googological stuff in my googology notebook.For most people spending your free time doing this is madness.But not for me!

I love to spend my free time analising BHAN or other notations made by me or by others.

I don't think googology will ever get old.And I sincierly hope I keep beating myself! All throughout my life I've never been happy with myself.I kepp pushing myself forward and I hope one day people remember me as an actual googologist,not some dude trolling the website.

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