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11^^3 takes up the rest of the skyscraper, which has 31 floors.

12^^3 takes up 2 New York City rectuangular blocks (or 4 square blocks), or about 10 acres.

13^^3 takes up a whole neighborhood of a big city, or about half a square mile.

14^^3 takes up a whole city, or about 16 square miles.

15^^3 takes up a 640 square mile city at New York City density, about the size of a county

16^^3 takes up a 27,520 square mile city, which is between the size of West Virginia and South Carolina.

17^^3 takes up about 1.2 million square miles.

18^^3 takes up about 60 million square miles, or about the land area of the Earth

o19^^3 takes up about 3 billion square miles, or about 10 star systems.

20^^3 takes up the whole Local Bubble, or about 500 stars

21^^3 takes up about 2700 stars.

22^^3 takes up about 100000 stars.

23^^3 takes up about 6 million stars.

24^^3 takes up about 400 million stars

25^^3 takes about 26 billion stars, or an entire galactic arm.

26^^3 takes about 1 trillion stars, or the Local Group, plus some more galaxy groups.

27^^3 takes up 70 trillion stars, or 1/5th the entire Virgo Supercluster

28^^3 takes up 3 quadrillion stars, or a few galaxy superclusters.

29^^3 takes up 200 quadrillion stars, or the nearby superclusters

30^^3 takes up 10 quintillion stars.

31^^3 takes up 800 quintillion stars

32^^3 takes up 8 sextillion stars, or about 1/2 obserable universe

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