1. Dropping-dropper array notation
  2. Dropping-dropper-dropper array notation
  3. Iterated-dropper array notation
  4. Nested-iterated-dropper array notation
  5. Iterated-dropper-iterated-dropper array notation
  6. Second-order-iterated dropper array notation
  7. Higher-order iternated dropper array notation
  8. Nested-order iterated dropper array notation
  9. Iterated-order iterated dropper array notation
  10. Superiterated  dropper array notation
  11. Iterated superiterated dropper array notation
  12. Second-order Iterated superiterated dropper array notation
  13. Superiterated superiterated dropper array notation
  14. Second-order superiterated dropper array notation
  15. Higher-order superiterated dropper array notation
  16. Hyperiterated dropper array notation
  17. Higher superorder iterated array (Iterated means first-superorder iterated, superiterated means second superorder-iterated, and hyperiterated means third superorder-iterated, etc.)
  18. Iterated-superorder iterated array
  19. Second superorder-iterated-superorder-iterated dropper array
  20. Higher superorder-iterated-superorder-iterated dropper array
  21. Second hyperorder-iterated dropper array
  22. Second-order-superorder-iterated-Second hyperorder-iterated dropper array
  23. Second-hyperorder-iterated-Second hyperorder-iterated dropper array
  24. Third-order-hyperorder-iterated dropper array
  25. Higher-order-hyperorder-iterated dropper array
  26. Higher-Megaorder-order-iterated dropper array (Order means first megaorder-order, superorder means second megaorder-order, and hyperorder means third megaorder-order, etc.)

You probally lost track of me

I intentonally broke sin 6 of sbis saibain's googology 101, which is going ballistic

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