Why I Don't like this

When I know an article has a lot of sections, I get excited for the content it has, only to click on the section, and to find nothing there. I then get disappointed at the fact that there is not content in the section, and want to add more to it. I feel like I am getting ripped off by the person who made the empty sections, and get impatient for them to add the content in.

Also, I don't like "Coming soon" tags placed in articles, I don't know when the content is coming out. It come out tomorrow, in a few years, or never, and most of the time it is the latter. By making a coming soon tag or an empty section, you are committing yourself to adding the content in the near future.

Googolists often plan some content, and never create it, because they think of other things, and never come back to create the content the promised,  for example, empty sections which they promised to add content to, and the section stays perpetually empty.

What we can do to stop this

First of all, dont create empty sections if you don't planto add content to them soon, and even if you do, the content will proablly be cancened by some means.

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