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  • Cloudy176

    It appears that the <math> tags no longer work on this wiki, or other wikis on FANDOM. For example, the code tags are used:

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  • Cloudy176

    Hi !

    September 18, 2017 by Cloudy176

    Hi !

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  • Cloudy176

    Simulating PEGG: part 2

    August 16, 2017 by Cloudy176

    It's been 100 days since Psi's Ever-Growing Googolism (PEGG) was defined, and that was where I left off in the previous simulating PEGG blog post. Today, I decided to post what will happen after that day, which I actually made a few days after writing the previous blog post but procrastinated to post it until now. (I'm writing this blog post to provide an excuse to play with Letter Notation expressions.)

    In this blog, instead of listing the values day by day, we'll skip days by a multiple of 5 to make the list shorter. For now, I'll list what happens when the letter transition occurs; I'll add the list of values between transitions later.

    This blog uses the modified definition of PEGG whose definition can be found on the previous blog post. …

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  • Cloudy176

    (Don't take this blog seriously. Also I'm creating this blog to do my daily edit, which has become a self-imposed thing by now)

    In the last few days or so, you have edited a bunch of pages, mostly to add a template or add/modify the categories. This has caused a significant increase to the time need to check all the edits made, and I have been lagging behind. Worse still, I'm currently traveling with my parents, which made the time I can use the computer shorter. Not just that, a new Twitch Plays Pokemon run has started, and I have to check that too. Doing this, as well as patrolling the edits on Battle for Dream Island Wiki, as well as checking Discord and other things I do daily on the internet, is a nightmare. Last night I was scolded by…

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  • Cloudy176

    Simulating PEGG

    May 9, 2017 by Cloudy176

    A day or two ago, PsiCubed2 created an ever-growing googolism, or PEGG for short. I think this is a great idea, and I wanted to try out the idea a bit further, and wanted to know what will happen to PEGG in the future. So I decided to simulate it.

    Since I don't think I can predict future values of Dow Jones, I slightly modified the definition of PEGG for our simulation purposes. Specifically, rule (a) in the definition is replaced with the following:

    (a) We take the (days passed since 2017-05-08)-th integer in the result from the Random Integer Generator by, where the minimum value is 1, the maximum value is 10, and the pregenerated randomization from 2017-05-08 is used (you'll need to switch to Advanced Mode to set this). Call it…

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