Alright, here's the deal: I'm currently on a vacation to Japan with my family. The problem is that Japan uses a different AC voltage from Korea, which resulted in the inability to charge my laptop. To save battery power, I decided to only do essential things on my laptop, such as logging stuff to text files and moving my phone's pictures to the computer to get more space on my phone. (Due to this I am unable to work on my googology site during the travel period.) My phone doesn't have this problem, so I had to do other stuff on my phone, and editing Googology Wiki is one of them. So don't expect any major contributing edits or major page patrolling in the next 3 days or so. Thanks for reading! -- Cloudy

Update: Despite the battery conservation, my laptop's battery ran out on the third day. Fortunately, before finding out the battery was drained, I saw my brother charging his laptop using a simple adapter. (Korean electricity has a higher voltage than Japanese, so it appears that the charging still works.) So I did the same, charging my laptop, though I still only did essential things on my laptop.

By the way, I'm back home and it's good to be back home. Japanese cuisine was great though.

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