A few days ago on IRC, I talked about making my own large number website. This post is an official announcement of the launch of the site. The site will be opened on November 11th on Google Sites.

The main reason I am going to create the site is to make and maintain my own large number list. When Cookie Fonster's Pointless Gigantic List of Numbers first came out, it fit so much I love it. But nowadays it is deviating from my ideals, as many entries got removed, and according to the 10/26 announcement, Fonster plans on cutting down many googolisms at the later part of the list, and thinks that the early parts of the list are more interesting than the later parts. So I decided to created my own list that hopefully fits my ideals.

The list will include some major numbers (with descriptions), as well as a bunch of less important numbers to show that how far away these milestones are from each other. The name and definition of major entries will be shown in larger font, and the minor ones will be shown in smaller text to save space.

Also, I plan to incorporate notations such as Bird's array notation or Hyp cos' strong array notation, that as far as I know hasn't been extensively discussed on other lists.

The list will be divided as follows (this may change over time):

  • Part 1: Non-positive numbers, 0 to 1,000,000
  • Part 2: 1,000,000 to 10^10^10
  • Part 3: 10^10^10 to 3-entry arrays
  • Part 4: 4-or-more-entry linear arrays
  • Part 5: Growth rate up to epsilon-zero
  • Part 6: Growth rate up to gamma-zero
  • Part 7: Growth rate beyond gamma-zero
  • Infinite numbers
  • Miscellany
    • Bowersisms (and others' googolisms) defined by BEAF beyond tetrational arrays
    • Thought experiments, crank land

Aside from the big list, there will be pages about the values of the busy beaver function for one or more states and two or more colors, and probably more if I have some ideas.

Update: The site is up! The list proper is not created yet, though.

Update 2015-11-19: Actually started working on the list. Currently done up to -sqrt(2).

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