There seem to be some blog-driven large number competitions (like My number is bigger!) out there. So here's mine (sort of):

My number is smaller!

The goal of this competition is to post a smaller (but as large as you could) number than the previous poster's number. It's like a large number competition, but in reverse.

The rules are:

  1. You can't use the most dominant function used at the preceding entry. Using functions used at 2 or more entries before (including alternating between two functions) is okay, though.
  2. The smaller the difference between your number and the previous one, the better.
  3. Complicated things and salad numbers may be allowed.
  4. Define your functions and notations. (A link to a page on this wiki or an external source is sufficient.)

I'll start with Rayo(10100-1).

Post your numbers in the comments to participate!

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